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Who I am and What I offer to You...


First of all Thank you for your Interest and for being here Now...

I truly believe that everything comes in our path for a special reason...​

My name is Andrea Link, I originally come from Uruguay.

I've been a professional Massage Therapist for 8 years.

My experience and Studies comes from a few different places, but almost all of my Courses and Qualifications are from Spain and Uk. In this Journey as a Massage therapist I have transform myself in a magnificent way.

After a  lot of years as a massage therapist, I started feeling that a Massage wasn't enough, people were asking for help in the physical body but at the same time the energy and the mind were not in harmony either...

I've became more sensitive and started feeling the vibrations on the diferent areas as i was touching the body. This is why I stared my First Reiki Course.

In the present I have a Reiki & Seichem Master Accredited by Rasa, Reiki and Seichem Association in the UK.

Reiki is one of the most powerful Healing Therapy that's been used in Orient for more than 50 years.In this last 4 years my approach as a therapist had shift and now I become a sound healing therapist. I started studying and healing myself with Sounds therapy after a long process of a Health imbalance in my life.

l healed myself with reflexology, acupuncture,  Reiki and Sound therapy.

I started having anxiety and panic attacks from one day to another, thankfully i was already involved in Alternative medicine so my healing process was a deep and safe transformation and a big change on my life style and my way of feeling, thinking and being.


Sound healing with Tibetan Bowls, Crystal bowls and Tuning Forks has became my passion and had change my whole life. Vibrational sound therapy apart from being a beautiful experience is a powerful way of healing. Our whole being is in a constant Vibrational state, our atoms, electrons, cells, thoughts, emotions and so on are having their own vibrational frequency. It's prove and demonstrated, that the 80 % of illness is because of Chronic Stress. In this times and with all the things we have being through as a whole world community, stress, anxiety and chronic pain is something that most of the people have to deal with every Day.

I feel this is not the way our life should be, we should be  happy to live, and share life with the ones we love and the rest of the world from a calm, peaceful and trustful space.  

I would love to share this healing practices and guide you to have a healthier balanced and peaceful life.

I offer different kinds of Sessions and Treatments... I use Sound Therapy, Reiki and reflexology  with an alternative approach, the intention is to guide you to solve and transform any physical, emotional and mental difficulties in the most kind and transformative way possible...

My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each patient to make sure your receive the approach that works best for you. Please contact me if you feel that you want to give it a try and see how you feel after a Session Togheter...



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Prices/Treatment options

  • Reiki Session + Crystal Healing:  60' minutes / £65

  • Sound Therapy + Reiki:  75' minutes / £85

  • Sound Therapy + Reiki + Crystal Healing: 90' minutes / £95

  • Sound Therapy + Reiki + Crystal Healing + Reflexology : 120' minutes / £125

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